What to Look for in an Android TV Box

An Android streaming box is, simply put, a set-top box which runs an Android operating system. Primarily, people use these for streaming media from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and even home server software such as Plex. However, Android TV boxes can also function as gaming consoles for playing Android games, ROMs via emulators, and streaming from PCs.

When looking for the best Android TV box, you’ll want to consider apps, hardware, and use. The best Android box for consumers with renowned TV brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic and even Xiaomi sets users differs from a gaming-oriented Android streaming box.

Choose the right type of the Processor

You do want to get a smoothly running Android device, don’t you? In this case, you should target its processor. In this regard, many experts encourage users to opt for an Octa-Core processor, which is designed to ensure an uninterrupted work pace and an unforgettable user experience. Another good choice for you to consider might as well be an Android TV streaming box powered by a Quad Core processor. Still, when we compare this processor with Octa-Core one then it is less powerful.

Graphics Processing Unit should be very strong

Once you have chosen the most powerful type of the processor for your Android TV box the second important feature to decide on is the GPU, also known as Graphics Processing Unit. The GPU is a specific circuit that is made to accelerate the output of an image in a frame buffer and it is meant for output to a display. Among GPUs available ARMMali-T820MP3is very much praised for its high-quality performance.To keep it short, the stronger your Android box’s processor and graphics processing unit are the better experience it is sure to come up with.

Android Streaming Box Apps

App compatibility is key. Most apps should function fine on both tablet-optimized forms of Android and Android TV OS.

Android TV Box Set Up

Consider how much work you’re willing to put into setting up your device. Are you able to side load apps or willing to learn how? With either type of device, you’ll likely need to side load some apps.But navigation admittedly isn’t as intuitive on boxes running a touch interface-optimized version of Android since you’re not using a touchscreen. It’s doable, but you must switch into the mouse mode on your remote or employ a third-party offering with a mouse.

What resolution you’re outputting further determines which device is best. Because 4K is the next evolution in content delivery, there’s a bevy of 4K streamers. Many Android media players include this feature, yet few do it well.

Software Upgrades

For Android TV boxes, software remains a major pain point. Unlike PC operating systems, there’s little standardization for this platform. Many devices branded as an Android TV box merely run a tablet-optimized version of Android. When various Android streaming box options will receive updates is questionable.


Ultimately, look for a device that’s offered by a well-known company such as Nvidia, Lloyd, or WeTek if you want regular software updates.